Making the Film

The idea for this film was developed by Vaibhav Kaul as part of his research into disaster risk reduction in changing mountain environments, which is supported by the University of Sheffield and the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG). After seeing a short documentary Ross Harrison made with anthropologist Jane Dyson in 2014, called Lifelines, which offers a personal view of social change in a remote mountain village, he approached Ross with the suggestion of returning to Uttarakhand.

Despite our fair share of hurdles along the way, we completed a 10-day shoot in spring 2016, during the busy opening week of the temple. We hope the footage offers a portrait of the place, and a glimpse of the tremendous forces at work there; of nature, development and belief. The range of voices included aim to reflect the complexity of the social and environmental situation at Kedarnath.

The Team

Ross (director/camera/editor) is a British filmmaker whose passion for documentaries began with filming wildlife in his grandfather’s woodland when he was 14. Since then, filmmaking has led him to explore diverse subjects ranging from rainforest conservation to education inequality and tribal land rights. The process continues to excite him with its possibilities for storytelling and as a catalyst for social change. Find out more on his website.

Vaibhav (director/producer) is an emotionally driven, socially committed mountain geographer from India. His academic interests range from glaciology to ethnology. He wants to use visual and audiovisual media to communicate his research to non-academic audiences, especially those whose work can have a direct positive impact on the ground. Find out more on his website.

Juliet Aaltonen (composer) is a composer, musician, and sound designer currently based in Amsterdam. Juliet uses self-built instruments, field recordings and both digital and analogue manipulation to create her immersive, atmospheric soundscapes. Always striving to create unique sounds, Juliet is fascinated by moulding and distorting her recordings until they are unrecognisable from their raw state, finding her home in between organic live sound and electronic. Find out more on her website.